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Who we are

Welcome to Central City Tyres

We are 100 % New Zealand owned & operated since 1982 .

At Central City Tyres we offer a wide range of tyre brands including Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Maxxis  & Achilles.

We also specialize in supplying tyres for European vehicles.

Central City Tyres also can supply  a range of mag wheels for cars & SUV vehicles , While  you are purchasing tyres be sure to check your wheel alignment or discuss with our experienced wheel technician . We can fix puncture repairs & balance tyres, put back on vehicles at no more than a standard puncture repair cost.

Some of our customers are still coming to us after 35 years , We are well known in the industry for great service good prices on new & second hand tyres.


We can help you with:

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Central City Tyres Wheel alignment
Central City Tyres Mag wheels
Central City Tyres
Central City Tyres Batteries

Balding, cracking or just plain worn down tyres? It’s time. Central City Tyres is your complete source for new tyres for your car, minivan or SUV. Our tyre experts will help you understand and take advantage of the vast array of tyre options available for your specific vehicle type. Different vehicles have different tyre needs, but with our wide selection of tyres — from all-season tyres to winter tyres or highway driving to all-terrain — you’ll be sure you're getting the tyre your vehicle needs from a brand you trust. We carry a selection of the top tyre brands including Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Firestone & Goodyear


Why Choose us

  • Experience

  • Experienced wheel alignment Technicians

  • Quality work

  • Service Guarantee

  • Customer Support

  • Trusted work

  • Fair Price

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Your friendly team

Bruce McGeorge and Gary Harper

Bruce McGeorge and Gary Harper

Central City Tyres was started in 1982 by Dave Straker. Dave is now more involved behind the scenes, while owner  Bruce McGeorge, and Foreman Gary Harper manage the day to day running of  Central City Tyres.

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Dave Straker

Dave Straker



Went in for a tyre change and didn’t know that my tyres needed a special key for the nuts. So the team put in the extra effort to change the nut locks not only on the tyres we initially agreed upon, but they replaced all of them at no extra labour cost. The definition of perfect service. 5 stars
— Thomas Hartel
Excellent service and advice from the team at Central - highly recommended.
— Michael Wagteveld
The best place to buy tyres and wheels in Christchurch. Best price and advice around!
— Daniel Collins
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