Toyo Tyres are now available at Central City Tyres

We can supply  Toyo tyres for your vehicles, Toyo have a great range of  passenger,  ultra high performance , SUV and 4WD tyres. The new Toyo Proxes C100 Plus tyre features wear resistant silica tread compound, optimized asymmetric pattern with variable pitch. The “silent wall” serrations on walls of the main circumferential grooves assist in less road noise. These Toyo tyres have the benefits of long tread life , high levels of wet road traction , Optimum ride comfort and a great cornering performance.

At this time we have specials on Toyo Tyres

175/65/14      $100

185/65/15     $120

195/65/15     $125

205/50/16    $145

Bruce McGeorge
Pirelli P1 Cinturato And Pirelli Dragon on Special

Got  specials on Pirelli Cinturato p1 and Pirelli Dragon here at Central City Tyres!!!


                                                                  205/55/16 P1 Pirelli @ $115.00 each

                                                                   215/60/16 P1 Pirelli  @ $ 135.00 each

                                                                   215/45/17 Pirelli Dragon @ $ 145.00 each

                                                                   225/45/17 Pirelli Dragon @ $150.00 each

                                                                   235/45/17 Pirelli Dragon @ $ 155.00 each 

  Buy four Pirelli tyres off us and we will do a Wheel alignment for $59.00 normally valued at $75.00 (that's all 4 wheels )

ALL Prices inc GST Fitted & Balance  . At these prices the tyres will roll out the door!!!!

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Be Safe - have your tyres checked

Free tyre safety check

Here at Central City Tyres we care about your safety and the tyres on your car. Summer  time is here  the roads get more busy it time to check your boat caravan trailer tyres  please drop by and see one of our friendly staff to do a quick 5 minute safety check and tyre pressure check.

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Nov 8

Tyre fitters special (don't tell the boss)

We have a special on Pirelli P1 Cinturato 205/55R16 valued at $225.00 retail price per tyre going for $115.00 inc gst fitted balanced and back on your car. Pirelli P1 Cinturatos are the new green performance tyre for the everyday car. A perfect synergy in terms of performance, safety, driving pleasure and attention to the environment. The P1 tread pattern specially designed unique tyre tension control can minimise the tyre impact by on road obstacles and also enhance overall comfort. The benefits to having these tyres on your vehicle are; excellent safety performance under dry and wet conditions, more comfortable driving, quiet driving experience, low fuel consumption and C02 emissions. Why buy an unknown brand when you can buy these european tyres that are designed in italy at a cheap price that you wont find cheaper else where. While stocks last

Pirelli P1.jpg
Bruce McGeorge
This Months Special

ResQ Pro+

Special Price $135 incl GST
Normally $169 incl GST

Designed to provide ultimate user comfort and safety in repairing puncture tires, ResQ Pro+ offers the most comprehensive solution in a smart and ergonomic packaging with a complete integration of compressor and sealant bottle. ResQ Pro+ is the perfect high end solution for effectively sealing puncture tires of larger vehicles such as SUV, mini-vans, and Passenger Vehicles. In addition, it provides tire inflation and pressure monitoring features for optimal fuel consumption and proper tire care.

The AirMan technology is the preferred and most trusted choice for the automotive industry for replacement of traditional spare tires. ResQ Pro + German engineered design beats all look alike products on the market in terms of quality and performance.

ResQ Pro+ includes:

  • 12V power plug

  • Built-in pressure gauge with psi and bar indication

  • Deflate button

  • Light

  • Adaptors for bicycle tires, balls, and inflatable toys

  • Travel carrying bag


Tire Sealant:

  • 450 Valve-Through head down bottle

  • Repairs punctures caused by objects up to 6 mm Ø Based on water and microfibers

  • Rinses off with water

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